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BabyBeReady™ Essentials That Would Have Helped: Changing Mat, Burp Cloth, Onesie

Our family was at an outdoor music festival. We thought we had remembered to pack everything in our diaper bag. We were very comfortable on a great big blanket enjoying music. It was time to change our daughter Lauren’s diaper, but… we had forgotten our diaper changing pad. We ended up having to lay Lauren directly on our blanket! We never imagined that she would leak through the blanket as we were changing her. Her clothes got wet and our blanket got soaked so we needed to pack up and go home.
Matthew and Wendy, Gainesville
If Matthew and Wendy would have had their BabyBeReady in their stroller basket they could have had a changing mat, even a burp cloth to lay Lauren on. If worse came to worse, Matthew and Wendy could have even opened the BabyBeReady bag wide open and laid Lauren right on top of it. They would have had a pre-packed diaper bag emergency kit with an extra onesie. The only extra baby clothes they had was a nighttime outfit…it was 80 degrees that day so Lauren went home in just a diaper!
BabyBeReady™ Essentials That Would Have Helped: Bottle, onesie, Bib and Burp Cloth

My family and I were on a road trip and it was time to feed my son Ben his bottle. The bottle nipple broke so the milk flowed out way too fast all over his onesie, bib and infant car seat.  We had to go home and Ben had to sit in a soaked seat the whole way home.
Todd, New York
If Todd and his family would have had their BabyBeReady at the time, they would have had an extra baby bottle for ben and a clean onesie to put back on. BabyBeReady’s extra burp cloth could have even layed over the seat so Ben didn’t have to sit in wet milk!
BabyBeReady™ Essentials That Would Have Helped: Rattle and Bib

I was in a restaurant with my baby Sadena and my older daughter Elisa. I didn't bring a RATTLE for Sadena because I was too busy worrying about remembering crayons and paper for my older daughter Elisa. The only things there were for my baby to play with at the table were sugar packets, milk packets and my older daughters crayons. Needless to say Sadena stuck all these items in her mouth. There was milk and sugar everywhere, including the table and Sadena’s face.
Adam, California
If Adam would have had his BabyBeReady with him, he would have had a great rattle/teether toy for Sadena and an extra bib to put on after the first one was soaked with milk.
BabyBeReady™ Essentials That Would Have Helped: Pacifier
Our infant son Noah slept over his grandparents house one night and his pacifier went missing. His grandparents couldn't get Noah to sleep the entire night. They had to take a drive at midnight to get him down to sleep!
Andrea, Seattle
If Noah’s grandparents would have had their BabyBeReady, which was a present from Dan and Andi, they could have pulled a new pacifier out and everyone would have slept happily ever after.

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