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The Dish About Us

Like a lot of women in the business world, Stacie Mindich-Jordan hadn't given much thought to the juvenile market. She left her position of Marketing Director at Hollywood's entertainment news magazines 'Weekly' and 'Daily' Variety to become a mom. After having Noah and then Hannah she was suddenly intrigued.

Every time Stacie would venture out with the kids, she would ALWAYS forget something important in her diaper bag. If she did indeed have the product in her bag, she wouldn't be able to find it because it was so huge and overstuffed with all the wrong things. Nothing could be found. First would come panic, then the crying (mommy and baby) and then an unplanned trip back home after only being out a few minutes. This is when Stacie's "ah ha" moment happened!

Stacie thought about all of her own moments and stories from her friends about how they were worried about leaving the house without the proper essentials. Stacie tapped into a niche that was untouched! Empty diaper bags were sold everywhere but NONE were sold pre-packed. Why hadn't anyone thought of that before? BabyBeReady was officially born!


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